Vkara’s Biography



Vkara is the CEO of MysticTREK, a company dedicated to self-transformation through custom designed adventures in sacred environments across the globe. During her 30-year career as a successful executive coach, Vkara has transformed thousands of lives and is considered a savior of sorts by her clients, executives from Fortune 500 corporations such as Exxon, Merck & Co. and ATT, politicians and scores of entrepreneurs.

As the former talk radio host of ‘The Mind’s Eye’, Vkara introduced her audience to the concepts of co-creation, stress management, meditation, visualization, numerology, aromatherapy, holistic medicine, and many controversial topics considered taboo at the time, decades before they became common practice.

In her quest of self-discovery and research of indigenous religious practices, Vkara’s dearest mentors were Lakota Chief Wallace Black Elk, Mexika-Tolteca Grandfather of Grandfathers, Tlakaelel, and Waitaha Maori Kaumatua, Mac Wiremu Korako Ruka. Vkara holds the titles of Wisdom Keeper, Piringa Koka, in the Waitaha Maori school of ancient geneology and Huey Teopixke, in the Mexikayotl Traditional Religion of Mexico. Vkara hosts yearly cultural immersion treks with honorable keepers of ancient wisdom and peace.
Vkara is an explorer, sun dancer, mystic and teller of tales. Her first book, ‘Let Go! How to Transform Yourself and Purge it All’ – is due this fall.