Peter Petersen


Peter Petersen Evening Beach

Peter Petersen
Qigong Instructor & Wellness Coach

“My path to become a wellness coach started when I first fell
in love with qigong one lovely July afternoon in Grass Valley, California
in 2001. The energy and clear minded serenity hit
me like a thunderbolt, leaving me in an altered state of consciousness
that had me feeling euphoric for days afterward. I was so enchanted
with the practice that it led me to become a Qigong instructor. “

Peter is a certified massage therapist and is certified in Sheng Zhen
Qigong by one of the foremost Qigong instructors in the world, Master
Li Jun Feng. He has taught a wide range of platforms in fitness gyms
and spas as well as, oncology and senior centers all over the U.S.As the
former Qigong instructor at the legendary wellness resort, Rancho La
Puerta and co-owner of the popular yoga retreat hotel, Present
Moment Retreat, in Troncones, Mexico, he teaches his guests and
clients how to let go of their anxiety, ego, and stress through the
gentle meditative movements of Qigong.


I AM ~ Now fully open to give and receive
unconditional love and abundance in all
of its forms.

Aha Moment ~ I am not my past failures
or mistakes and that being conscious of
my ever present now, telling my truth
withoutjudgment or blame and not
being attached to certain outcomes, is
how I move closer to my dreams and desires.

Inspirational Quote ~ “You will receive
love only to your ability to be vulnerable
enough to let it in.” -Jackson Kiddard

Motivation ~ To give the inspiration,
motivation, knowledge, and tools to
help people heal themselves.

Chillax Time ~ Doing my qigong practice,
meditating, connecting with nature or
bonding with friends or family.

Ultimate Trek Experience ~ Traveling
through Europe with my father when I
was 10 years old, and helping him to do
research on the romantic poets.

Top 3 on Bucket List ~
To help create a conscious living and dying center
To be a published author
To sail around the world

Wish for the World ~ That we can
help each other to be conscious of and
remember our true authentic selves
bymaking our decisions with love and
abundance instead of fear or anxiety.

Peter Petersen Holding Sinset