Marco Antonio Hernandez



Marco Antonio Hernandez
Chief Mazatl “The Deer”

Marco is heir of Mexica-Tolteca Elder Francisco Jimenez Sanchez– Tlakaelel, guardian of the oral tradition, sun dancer, mexika dancer, medicine man and the spiritual guide of Kalpulli Koakalko.

He is the Minister of InKaltonal, The Spiritual Institution for The Cosmic Man (Native Mexican “Church”) which was the first indigenous spiritual organization to be recognized by the government of Mexico in over 500 years.

Marco is the Executive Director of Kalpulli Koakalko, Centre for Anthropological Studies and Social Communication with Indigenous Communities, located near the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Marco has extensively studied Business Administration and is an accomplished Executive Coach specializing in Marketing, Administrative Strategies and Corporate and Organizational Coaching.

Chief Marco has given talks, workshops, therapies and coachings in Mexico and abroad. He currently lives in Teotihuacan, Mexico.



Aha Moment ~ As a child I passed with my mother a group of indigenous Mexika dancers. Their movements and the drums called my heart. I asked my mother why they were dancing. Ever since I carry that beat of life and legacy within me, thus continuing dancing to the paces of our forefathers.

Inspirational Quote ~ Wilhelm Reich – a great man knows when and in what way he is a little man. A little man does not know he is little and is afraid to know.

Motivation ~ My greatest motivation is to see a seed of change planted in people I meet. This seed is the beginning of transformation within all of us in order to become better Mexikas, meaning better citizens of this planet.

Chillax Time ~ Sacred places have always been my spots to retreat. Especially mountains and caves are important guardians for me who give me time and silence to speak to the Great Spirit.

Top 3 on Bucket List ~ I want Mexicans and people from all over the world to know and learn of our ancestral traditions and ways that have been preserved for generations. This wisdom is alive.

My grandfather began a life project concerned about the preservation of our mexika ancestral wisdom and built a centre for it and fought for the recognition of the prehispanic beliefs. It is my mission in life to continue his legacy and keep the mexika traditions alive and be able to share them with others.

Ultimate Trek Experience ~ To me the first journey ever always leaves an unforgettable experience. My first trip ever when I went to the indigenous zapotec community of my father located in the southern state of Oaxaca was that clue experience. Spending time with my grandmother and grandfather made me realize the importance of the traditions and the preservation of them for the next generations.

Wish for the World ~ The awakening of conscience. Our grandfathers said one has to reach the tloke nahuake (the near and the close), this means having balance. Balance in mind, body and spirit. This balance can be seen in our material and our spiritual life.