Call of the Great Pyramid

I waited patiently to get the key to my room. I could hardly contain my excitement. This was the famous Mena House that I had heard and read so much about. I was here – in Egypt! I had dreamed all my life of coming here.

My name was called and I signed in. Key in hand I breathlessly crossed the gardens. It was lovely. I couldn’t keep my mind in the present. I kept drifting back in my mind’s eye to how it must have looked in earlier times. The sweet fragrance of some exotic flower filled my nostrils and they flared involuntarily to drink in more of the evening’s intoxicating breeze.

I found my room and entered slowly, my eyes making a sweep of the room. There were two single divan style beds on opposite sides of the small but beautifully tiled bathroom. Ornate woodcarvings framed each bed from ceiling to floor.

The sheer gauzy curtains billowed up from sliding glass doors opening onto a tiny balcony directing my attention toward the enormous orange sun setting behind the garden wall, dripping with a thick carpet of fuchsia flowers scenting the breeze.

I was about to walk to the window when the phone rang. It was the assistant tour guide reminding me I should be at dinner. I put the phone down, quickly freshened up, and then rushed off to the dining room. Everyone else was already there. The small room was a buzz with the sound of chatter and china. I filled a plate with some curious but tasty looking choices from the buffet and squeezed in between two ladies who kindly made room for me at the opposite end of the table from the hostess of our journey, Mary Thunder.

Mary Thunder, a very gifted spirit interpreter, was leading this journey to explore Egypt and work on her book, “Something Inside So Strong”. Most of the participants on the journey were interested in exploring the ancient sites in anticipation of having some sort of profound spiritual experience. During the meal we all participated in lively discussions of past journeys and some shared their past life recalls of Egypt. Still others silently took it all in simply hoping for a few good photos from a fun trip.

Filled with satisfaction over the events at dinner, I crossed the gardens again to my room just as the true dark of night set in. In Egypt, at least, dusk seems to linger forever. I walked immediately to the open window scanning the sky past the garden wall. My eyes caught a dark shadow. Curious.

“What could that be?” I said out loud. I followed the shadow to its breadth. “Wow whatever it is, it’s wide.”

“How high is it? I thought. My eyes slowly scaled its shadowy heights. Tilting my neck all the way back until I saw that the shadow came to a point at the top, my head involuntarily jerked backward as I took in the full shadowy presence.

I gasped, but no sound came out. There looming ominously, jet black against the indigo Egyptian night, over the Mena House garden wall was the – The Great Pyramid of Giza! “Dah, Vkara, of course!”

I heard those ‘tah- dah’ chords booming in my head. You know, those chords in a movie that usually announce the appearance of something awesome, like the big reveal in Indiana Jones when he found the Ark or in the Ten Commandments when Moses beckoned his people to behold the promise land. I call it the ‘behold’ sound.

That sound goes off inside me whenever I ‘behold’ wonder or I am struck by an amazing realization.

I just stared in silence. I was awed by it’s enormity. I felt tiny and humbled. I was nervous and strangely energized in ways I had never felt before. It was as if seeing the Great Pyramid for the first time and catching this unexpected glimpse, had flipped a switch, turned something on inside me that had previously been switched off.

Feeling as if I was about to recall something very important I quickly hurried through my bedtime ritual all the while staying close to the window, keeping my eyes fixed on this great wonder of the world as though it might disappear.

I slowly changed into the Egyptian cotton nightgown I’d purchased at the hotel gift shop earlier. I felt like a princess dressing for slumber the way the silky Egyptian cotton sensuously rippled over my shoulders and thighs as I slipped it on. I let my hair out and my long twists fell the length of my back. Then I lay down on the window seat with my head resting on the colorful silk pillows complete with silver threads and tassels, the pyramid in clear view.

The sweet breeze lulled me into a blissful state as I stared at the Great Pyramid. I knew I had once belonged to this place. Every cell in my body began to tingle, vibrating with the trueness that comes with a deep soul memory. The pyramid was calling me, summoning me back to some ancient time. This was beginning to feel extremely important and huge in terms of the scope of possibilities for self- awareness it would present, equal to the size of the pyramid itself.

My mind was dizzy trying to fit itself around the breadth and depth of it all. I felt like a plain lowercase letter in this vast uncial manuscript of time. A conversation arose in me, which lasted until the sun rose like a goldenrod crayon melted across the horizon. That night I had one of the most powerful and informative past life recalls I’d ever had.

To be continued…

MysticTrekker Log 2013.09.02
Remembering My First Trek to Egypt