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Vkara is an executive coach, explorer, advocate of indigenous cultures, a mystic, sun dancer and teller of tales. She attended Loyola University and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, focusing on science and religion, and has made a study of world religions, indigenous cultures, meta-physics and is obsessed with quantum theory.

Through-out the 80’s, Vkara hosted the popular edgy radio talk show, The Mind’s Eye, introducing her audience to the concepts of co-creation, stress management, visualization, meditation, numerology, holistic medicine, aromatherapy and other controversial topics considered taboo at the time, decades before they became common practice.

Vkara is CEO of MysticTREK, her executive coaching company, which provides custom designed 4 to14 day adventures in sacred environments offering a healthy mix of executive coaching, cultural awareness, physical challenge, spiritual introspection and fun.

During her successful 30-year career as an executive coach, Vkara has helped transform thousands of lives. Her clients include executives from Fortune 100 corporations such as Exxon, ATT, Lucent Technologies, and Merck, politicians and scores of entrepreneurs. She is well known and respected in the industry by her peers for her bold coaching style and the gracious manner in which she impacts major transformation in the work place.

Between corporate contracts, Vkara has focused on her personal life’s mission, re-tracing her soul’s journey on the planet. This passion has led her to many exotic places in Africa, North America, Mexico, Europe, Egypt and the South Pacific, where she has been recognized by many cultures. In New Zealand, Fiji and Mexico, Vkara was recognized as a returning ancestor. She has hosted events and treks with Lakota Chief Wallace Black Elk, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Mexika Abuelo de Los Abuelos Tlakaelel, Waitaha Maori Tohunga Mac Wiremu Korako Ruka, and many other honorable keepers of ancient wisdom and peace.

In 2011, during her trek to Bhutan to meditate and receive sacred empowerments with Lama Khempo Tashi, Director of the Royal Museum of Bhutan, Vkara began work on what will be a series of books that highlight her experiences and share her knowledge with a larger audience. Her first offering, LET GO! focuses on how to transform negative thoughts, beliefs and habits that limit your success in life – once and for all. One of Vkara’s favorite quotes is from Lao Tzu, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Chief Vkara Bio

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Maori Title Ceremony

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Camp fire with Barbara Piekar

Glacier Trekking Iceland



I AM ~ an explorer, sun dancer, mystic and teller of tales,proud adventure mom,

Aha Moment ~ sitting at the look out station
on Mt Rainier watching aspectacular meteor
shower, I realized I could affect the field of reality…

Inspirational Quote ~ “The mind, once stretched
by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Motivation ~ seeing the twinkle of wonder in the
eyes of someone who has just realized they can transform their world…

Chillax Time ~ swinging in a hammock under palm
shade on an exotic beach gazing out over the
ocean, hearing the crash of waves, sending prayerful energy out to my loved ones…

Top 3 on Bucket List ~
1} Spa my way into Immortality
2} Take the Virgin Galactic flight into Space
3} Discover the perfect beach

Ultimate Trek Experience ~ witnessing the Aurora
Borealis in Iceland with my daughter

Wish for the World ~ for us all to evolve to a state
of Peace, Health, Immortality, Wisdom, Abundance and JOY!